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My name is Or Kazaz and I am a Software Developer.
In this blog I will share some of the challenges and things I learned on my way to become a better developer.

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Handling CI/CD in a Mono Repo With Multiple Python Packages

In this article i'll share how I handheld the CI/CD in a mono repo with multiple python packages using GitHub Actions.

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Lab as a Service in DAZN

I'm incredibly proud to share the outstanding work our team has accomplished recently in upgrading our testing lab infrastructure.

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S3 Bucket Redirect URL With Terraform

Real world example of how to create an S3 bucket with a redirect URL using Cloudfront with Terraform.

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Integrating Azure AD Authentication in Your Next.js App Using MSAL

Learn how to integrate Azure AD authentication into your Next.js app using MSAL library for security and user management.

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Scheduling Lambdas Using AWS EventBridge and Terraform

Schedule your AWS Lambda tasks using Terraform and AWS EventBridge to automate routine tasks and improve efficiency.

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CORS - Introduction For The New FE/BE Developer

I can assure you that one of the first issues you'll encounter when testing your newly developed product will be CORS. So what is CORS exactly?

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GitHub Actions for Dynamic Cross-Platform Testing

Automate cross-platform testing with GitHub Actions, using dynamic matrices for efficient, targeted tests.

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Why Makefile is One of My Essentials Tools in Every Software Project

Makefiles are a cornerstone tool in the software development process, particularly useful for streamlining and automating the build process.

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